12c – How to apply patch to SOA Suite using OPatch in Windows Environment

Let us see how to apply Oracle Patches in Windows environment using OPatch.

In this post, let us apply latest Bundle patch for SOA12c

Before we patch

Download latest Bundle Patch from Oracle Support Web Site. As of this post,  the filename is p21885138_121300_Generic.zip(SOA Bundle Patch)

If needed, download latest OPatch software from Oracle Support Web Site.

Shutdown SOA Server

Unzip the Bundle Patch contents to a folder. (e.g D:\PatchRoot)

Open a command prompt as an administrator

cmd.exe -Run as Administrator
cmd.exe -Run as Administrator

Navigate to the directory under the patch root directory. (e.gD:\PatchRoot\21885138).

Add OPatch binary in Windows Path.

Set ORACLE_HOME variable to the directory where you installed your middleware software


Check Oracle Inventory

Run the following command to check the inventory. This will give details of current patches that are installed.

Check Oracle Inventory
Check Oracle Inventory

Apply Patch

Run opatch apply command . If everything goes fine, we should get OPatch succeeded message.

OPatch Apply
OPatch Apply

If we run the “Check inventory” command it will show the new patch we have applied.

Check Orcale Inventory
Check Orcale Inventory

The patching process is same for Unix servers also.

Restart your servers.


5 thoughts on “12c – How to apply patch to SOA Suite using OPatch in Windows Environment

    1. What error you are getting ?

      Did the patching process went through fine?

      Also, when this post was made, 12.2.1 was not released and 21885138 was the latest patch for 12.1.3 at that time.


  1. Need to simply patch 29814665 in wls 12c, but it doesnot work with error java could not be located. Opatch cannot proceed.. Opatch failed wit error code = 1.. may you advice how to fix it

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