Soa12c – Installing Oracle SOA 12c in Windows 7

Update: This blog is about installation of  SOA 12.1.3. Soa 12.2.1 has been released which can be installed with JDK 8. Installation process remains same for new version. 

Let us see how to install Oracle SOA Suite 12c in a Windows 7 OS.

Before we install

Ensure Operating system is 64 bit. SOA 12c is certified only on 64 bit. We won’t be able to run 12c installer in 32 bit OS

JDK 7 is installed for SOA 12.1.3 version

JDK 8 in installed for SOA 12.2.1 version

JDK 7/JDK 8 Installation

Download latest JDK 7  from Java JDK 7 for SOA 12.1.3 version.

Download latest JDK 8  from Java JDK 8 for SOA 12.2.1 version.

Install it to a custom directory (preferably to a directory whose name has no spaces)

Java JDK Installation
Java JDK Installation

After the installation ,set following Windows Environment variables

JAVA_HOME=E:\Java64 ( Directory specified when we installed JDK 7)

JDEV_USER_DIR= <Any custom directory> (Used by JDev as user default directory)

Environment Variables
Environment Variables


Download 12c Software

Download software by visiting Oracle SOA Suite Downloads

Accept Licence agreement, select ‘Microsoft Windows 64 bit JVM’ from dropdown, expand ‘Recommended Install Process’ and download SOA Suite software.

SOA Suite Download
SOA Suite Download

Extract downloaded zip file to a folder (e.g D:\SOAInst). There will be two files.

Install 12c Software

Open a command prompt with ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

cmd.exe -Run as Administrator
cmd.exe -Run as Administrator

In the command prompt, go to directory where files were extracted and execute following command. Having double quotes will help if java is installed in a directory with spaces in name.

“%JAVA_HOME%/bin/java”  –jar fmw_12.
Start SOA Installation
Start SOA Installation

Step 1 of Installer.  Click Next.

SOA Suite 12c Installation-Step 1
SOA Suite 12c Installation-Step 1

Specify an ‘Oracle Home’ directory. This is where all the SOA files and binaries (Including JDeveloper binaries) will be installed. Click Next.

SOA Suite Installation - Step 2
SOA Suite Installation – Step 2

We should get 100% in the prerequisite check.  This step should go through fine. If there is problem with JAVA version, check JAVA_HOME environment variable & system PATH variable to make sure they refer the latest JDK 7/JDK8. Click Next.

There seems to be warning regarding OS (Windows 7) for SOA 12.2.1 installation. Ignore the warning.

SOA Suite 12c Installation-Step 3
SOA Suite 12c Installation-Step 3

We will get Installation Summary Screen. Click “Install” button.

SOA Suite Installation - Step 4
SOA Suite Installation – Step 4

We should get 100% in ‘Installation Progress’ screen. Click ‘Next’.

SOA Suite Installation - Step 5
SOA Suite Installation – Step 5

Installation complete screen will be displayed. There is an option to “Start JDeveloper”. Keep it checked. This will start the Jdeveloper once the screen is closed. Click ‘Finish’.

SOA Suite Installation - Step 6
SOA Suite Installation – Step 6


Integrated Weblogic Domain Creation

When JDeveloper Starts, select ‘Studio Developer(All Features)’ role.  There is no separate installation of SOA composite editor as in 11g.  It is included as part of the installation we did earlier.

JDeveloper has an integrated Weblogic server. Unlike 11g SOA suite, in 12c, SOA Applications can be deployed and tested using JDeveloper’s Integrated Weblogic Server. Let us create a Domain in the integrated WebLogic server and start that server.

Select ‘Start Server Instance’ from ‘Run’ Menu.

Start Weblogic Server
Start Weblogic Server

As there is no domain, JDeveloper will create a default domain for us before starting the server. Provide password in the popup and accept the default for other fields.

Default Domain Configuration
Default Domain Configuration

Status of Integrated Server’s Domain creation & Server Status will be displayed in log window. This usually takes a while.

Server Status
Server Status

That completes the installation of Oracle SOA Suite 12c in a windows Machine. With the server running, we should be able to access Weblogic Console and Enterprise manager of the integrated Weblogic server. Login to below pages to verify the installation. We need to provide the credentials specified during creation of default domain.

Console URL:  http://<ipaddress:7101>/console (e.g http://localhost:7101/console)

Enterprise Manager URL: http://<ipaddress:7101>/em (e.g http://localhost:7101/em)

EM Console after successful Installation.

EM Console
EM Console

Set Audit Level to Development.(soa-infra->SOA Administration->Common Properties). Now the server is ready for deployment of SOA Composites.

Set Audit Level
Set Audit Level

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  1. Hi,

    I have installed the soa 12c on windows.

    I’m unable to start to the admin server and jdeveloper.

    Getting the error as below.

    Error: Could not find or load main class weblogic.Server Stopping Derby server… Derby server stopped.

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