Add Coherence node to Soa 12c’s integrated weblogic coherence cluster

Let us see how to add coherence node to Soa 12c’s integrated Weblogic coherence cluster.

We will put value in out-of-box “adapter-local” cache from the added node and access that value from a SOA Composite using Coherence Adapter.

We will use the out-of-box cache config  from Soa 12c’s Coherence Adapter. It can be obtained from <home>\soa\soa\connectors\CoherenceAdapter.rar archive.  

Following is the content of config file.  Copy the contents and save it as cache-config.xml in <home>/coherence/bin directory

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <!DOCTYPE cache-config SYSTEM "cache-config.dtd">

We will configure Coherence cluster for Multicast Address. Login to Weblogic Console and expand “Environment -> Coherence Clusters”. Click on “defaultCoherenceCluster”.

Coherence Cluster
Coherence Cluster

Make the highlighted changes. Save the configuration and restart server.

Multicast Configuration
Multicast Configuration

Let us start one more coherence server from the command line.  Coherence command line scripts can be found at  <home>/coherence/bin .  Take a back up of “coherence.cmd” file.

Edit the “coherence.cmd” and make the following changes

Add the following line in the file.

set coherence_opts=-Dtangosol.coherence.cluster=defaultCoherenceCluster -Dtangosol.coherence.clusteraddress= -Dtangosol.coherence.clusterport=51203 -Dtangosol.coherence.cacheconfig=cache-config.xml

Modify the following line from

set java_opts=-Dcoherence.distributed.localstorage=false %jmxproperties%


set java_opts=-Dcoherence.distributed.localstorage=true %jmxproperties%

We are storage enabling our node. This way we will connect to “adapter-local” cache from command line, put a value and retrieve it from SOA composite using Coherence adapter.

Modify the following line from

"%java_exec%" -server -showversion %java_opts% -cp "%coherence_home%\lib\coherence.jar" %1


"%java_exec%" -server -showversion %java_opts% -cp "%coherence_home%\lib\coherence.jar"  %coherence_opts% %1

From a command prompt , execute coherence.cmd script. It should join the existing cluster and Member Id should be 2. If you see as “1”, it means it has not joined the cluster.

Standalone Coherence Node
Standalone Node

Let us connect to “adapter-local” cache (specified  in config file) and list the contents of key value pairs.

To connect type “cache adapter-local” in the prompt. We should get output like the following

Connect to adapter-local Cache
Adapter-Local Cache

We can type “list” to see all the values stored. We will be getting nothing as it was created just now.

Let us put, get and list values in the cache with the commands

put  username Krishna

get username


Coherence Commands
Coherence Commands

We have added an extra node to join the default Coherence cluster (started as part of the Integrated Weblogic server.). We have added values to the adapter-local cache from the node.

In the next blog, we will see how to retrieve the value using a SOA Composite & Coherence Adapter.


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